Alchemist Oil Painting Mediums

These break-through mediums are highly endorsed by Frank Mason. For painters wishing to follow in the footsteps of the old masters, these mediums will allow you to reproduce the painting effects and illusions found in the Baroque painters like Rubens and Van Dyck because of their control and the meticulous, educated research that went into their creation. Frank played a significant role as advisor and tester for Donald Fel's wonderful mediums.

Artwatch International

Art Watch International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of old master paintings from overzealous cleaning and art restoration. Frank played a great role in the creation of Artwatch to protect the masters. Art watch believes in a bill of rights for works of art to be protected from ruin and full disclosure by museums and art restorers who are largely unmonitored and take great liberties tampering with great works of art . Artwatch is an advocate for adequate, accountable protection of those works and seeks more concerned lovers of art to join their cause.

Art Student's League

Frank Mason has taught at the Art Student's League for 55 years and still teaches painting there today. His contribution to this great institution has been immense and one of the great runs of teaching at the League - like his beloved teacher before him, Frank Dumond.


Peter Layne Arguimbau
James Lambert
Joseph Sulkowski
James Burger Photography
Davi Leventhal
Thomas Torak
Anthony P. Fatato
Jack I. Liberman
Elizabeth Torak
Keith Gunderson
Roberta Remy
Winslow Art Studio
Jack & Karen Winslow - painters / gallery owners
Michael D. Koch
James Sulkowski

Anny (Art Niche New York)
Art Niche New York. provide a "niche" for New York artists and art-related organizations, helps artis

Art Renewal Center
One of the most complete galleries of realism and great art on the web, Frank has an ARC Living Masters gallery on the ARC website

The Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage museum in Russia, one of the great museums of the world

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